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The Barn

The Barn and Camp Store in Kieler, WI

Visit Our Barn & Camp Store in Kieler, WI

The last thing many people want to do when they are out enjoying the beauty of our campground is to have to run back into town for camping supplies. That is why we have the Rustic Barn Store available for you to use. This fully stocked barn and camp store in Kieler, WI, has all the snacks and supplies you need for an excellent camping trip.

Why is it called the Rustic Barn? The name comes from the antique red barn that serves as our store, gathering room, and office. As one of the few remaining barn and camp stores with its kind of architecture—no internal support posts—it is a wonderful space as both a recreational area as well as a store.

The Store

The quaint store in our barn offers various camping supplies you might need when you come to enjoy our campground experience. You will find everything from ice cream, cool drinks, and sweet treats to gifts, clothing, and more at our store. That means you won’t need to travel back into town unless you want to head that way. So, be sure to stop into our store during your visit and check out everything we have to offer.


Looking for a great area to meet up at our RV park? Then the Rustic Barn is the place to be thanks to its ample space—and we make sure to make the most of it. You’ll find a pool table, a book-lending library, plenty of games, and even a television in its space. Kick back and relax in a cozy, open area where guests can come in and share stories and experiences with people just like them. You can even take a seat on our welcoming porch to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet while watching the sun set beautifully over the range.